The Hack is inspired by the recent nuclear plant leak that took place in Japan leading to a huge loss of life.Where in order to control the leak, no human could enter the plant due to high levels of radiation. This resulted into nuclear radiation hazard.The Main Features of our hack being the seeing the real world through the Oculus rift and also controlling the motions of the Bot using the Myo and the webcam is independent of the Myo and directly connected to the Oculus rift, making intuitive. Our Hack allows to user to user to navigate and explore inaccessible areas through the means of virtual reality.It has a great number of applications in near future.Imagine yourself siting in your living room and observing the landing of the recent NASA Rover on Mars or visiting many of the world's inaccessible places where you always wanted to go. the Future could be such bots and camera installed around the globe and you could visit the world by just siting in your living room. Isn't that Exciting....!!

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