We were inspired to do Rove because we are empowering the elderly and disabled to send chocolates, flowers and other goods to each other during the isolation period of the pandemic. We also want to introduce the services that we offer for a simple mobile mall.

What it does

Rove aims to deliver groceries and takeaway directly to their doorstep. Rove also aims to deliver small items from one address to another.

How I built it

We have utilised extensive programming to create a user interface where they can register and apply for Rove as a customer, driver or a shop partner. This will enable us to contact them to discuss their needs.

Challenges I ran into

Difficulties being able to engage the team Trying to see if the wording for the customer is on the right track Trying to accomplish some of the integrations into the website

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to create an effective brochure for the elderly and disabled Being able to have a support from other people Learning about how I can learn from mentors Being able to create a landing page for rove.

What I learned

Being able to change the wordings to suit the customer’s needs Being able to make my marketing simple and straight to the point

What's next for Rove

Strengthening driver partners Starting to create sales for the target segments

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