Young drivers between 15- and 20-years-old accounted for 6.4% (13.2 million) of total drivers on the road. An average of nine teens ages 16-19 were killed every day from motor vehicle injuries. Since young drivers need more experience, driving in calmer roads without a history of accidents and current incidents might help them gain experience and drive better.

What it does

Our application, designed with young drivers in mind, makes driving safer by providing navigation that considers safety when picking a route. RouteSafe uses both historical and live crash data to assess the safety of individual roads and tries to avoid roads that have frequent accidents.

How we built it

The front end, an iOS app, is built with Swift and Apple's MapKit. The backend is a Firebase JavaScript application. Mapquest APIs are called with HTTP requests in the backend to obtain routes.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had extensive experience working with JavaScript or Firebase, so integrating asynchronous functions with a frontend was challenging. We especially had trouble receiving and interpreting data in the front end.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Most of our team members are first time hackers, so we're extremely proud to have brought our idea to fruition, and to have picked up many new skills along the way.

What we learned

As mostly first time hackers, we learned how to develop a product in 36 hours and how to budget deployment time. We also learned many new skills in JavaScript promises, Firebase, and Https requests.

What's next for RouteSafe

We plan to expand our supported area beyond the Bay Area. We also plan to smoothly integrate navigation through our multiple route segments in the iOS app. We hope to provide the user with multiple route options to pick from. An ETA or loading wheel would be nice features to add if they didn't add to the app run time. In the backend, we hope to serialize our data into a Firebase database for better storage. Importing large amounts of past crash data would also help optimize the safety of routes.

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