Demand is huge: millions of people travel daily by small buses looking for a tailored route is tedious fragmented market, outdated websites and a lot futile calling drivers dealing with cash is terribly unsafe

What Router does

Router provides a booking platform for smaller bus companies that cannot afford development and maintencance of a good product. Platform supports cashless payments, management of routes, rides, rates and prices. Simple analytics allows companies to benefit from the market's big data.

How we built it

We used Keynote to create wireframes for passenger and bus company manager viewports. Using angular.js we created the booking forms to be stylised in accordance with PSD static layouts and design. We created PSD sketches for mobile apps that drivers and passengers will use.

Challenges I ran into

Router is meant to be used in a market that is chaotic and ever-changing. So grasping the actual needs of market players is only possible once we start working and collecting feedback. We had to dwell on the mechanics of creating a custom route, how clients formulate their needs and how comanies can respond to that request in an efficient way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our simple UI and friendly calm design Our easy to use e-ticket logic Our usage scenarios

What we learned

How to cristallize the meaning of product that may appear generic

What's next for Router

Continued development and testing in real-life situations (finding bus contractors to bring people to a festival, shopping center, etc)

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