How can you make a long drive entertaining? By morphing it into a fun-filled road trip! We wanted to provide a service that allows you to explore and discover different things to do along the way from point A to point B. Our goal is to make your road trip planning as streamlined as possible.

What It Does

First, you begin by inputting your starting location and your destination. Then, our service will populate clusters of lists with suggestions of activities/places to see along the way. Simply check off the locations that you wish to stop by and you will be re-routed to automatically include those in your path.

How We Built It

We utilized the Google Maps API to generate the map and route you to your destination. We then used the Google Places API to search for prominent points of interest along your route. Once you make your selections, they are reflected in the route. We used GitHub for source control and Microsoft Azure for hosting. Our GitHub repository was set up to push directly to Azure, greatly simplifying deployment.

What's Next for RouteIt

Our service works for the general cases. However there are edge cases that RouteIt does not cover. The Google Maps API limits the number of waypoints which it will transform into a path to no more than eight waypoints. To use more, the API requires payment. Therefore for the purposes of this demo, a maximum of eight waypoints will be selected. If the locations are too close together than the radius of our calls for nearby places can overlap and repeat suggested locations. So for the purposes of this demonstration we will be using locations more than 60 miles apart. We have also not handled if the locations are the same place.

Some features we would like to add in are allowing the user to delete choices from the suggested locations, and to add filters such as restaurants, attractions, or landmarks. We would also like to add descriptions to each suggested location in a drop down tab so that the user can browse before choosing, as that is not implemented at the moment.

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