Hello, My Name is Shaun Munshi and this is my partner Neha Vinjapuri. Together, we would like to present you with RoutAR; Your next steps, virtually. The great Thomas Edison once said "Good Fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning". Now, these times do make it hard to believe anyone would have good fortune, but the context of the quote still applies. Planning, especially during the outbreak, is a big factor of reducing infections. According to the CDC, almost 67% of ALL COVID-19 infections originated at a local business. This has a huge negative effect on the business's cash flow as well as the person. We want to combat this through RoutAR, an augmented reality trip planner that allows users to input their to-do list at a certain store, which in turn will guide them in the shortest, quickest, and least-infection likely path.

Business owners can first upload a 2D layout of their store, which include GPS locations of all of their items or facilities. Users can then mark what items or locations in the place they would like to visit. The app automatically calculates the most efficient route for the user to take. Users will be placed in a waiting queue to ensure that multiple people are not in the store at once. When it is their turn, they can go live in the app and be directed by arrows and bubbles in AR, which allow them to make their trip as swiftly as possible.

EchoAR is perhaps the most essential part of this project. By using Echo Ar's PAAS, we were able to construct a 100% reliable data infrastructure to run on. The platform was a significant help to us, allowing us to use not only the baseline cloud that EchoAR provides, but also the streaming and analytics services which help us observe our data. All of our Unity code to generate lines across the AR image perfectly linked with the EchoAR cloud platform. In addition, the EchoAR image generated was able to seamlessly be placed into Android studio. All of these reasons sum up why EchoAR was the best cloud platform company to use for RoutAR, and any project for that matter.

As you can see, this is not just about small businesses and COVID-19. Any facility could use this plan going forward. From Auto makers to restaurants to ICU Wards at hospitals; the possibilities are endless!

Being able to spend less time in public areas and navigate through only the place you need will dramatically reduce possible exposure to COVID-19. In the long run, it will help decrease the risk of possibly overpopulating hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Join me- together we can pave the way to a better future. Help us make Augmented Reality the new Reality for everyone.

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