A month ago, one of our teammates' friend got depressed. He asked her for help. He complained about his ex-girlfriend. She asked him questions and he kept complaining. She realized that she couldn’t help him by just focusing on his problem. By calling him every morning and shouting out his dream, she helped him with goal commitment and regular exercises of self-regulation. He felt less depressed by self-reporting. The phone call has made a positive change, but not just for him. She was having trouble waking up on time herself. By calling him, she felt responsible to him and got up on time as well. If a phone call can help she and her friend, it can help you and your friends. We designed a website, Rouse, where everyone can pair to call anyone and make their dreams come true.

What it does

Rouse pairs people with a shared goal - waking up on time. The process is, first, Akshay signs up, inputs when he wants to get up tomorrow, whether he want to be Rouser or a Rousee. Rousers call and shout out Rousees’ dreams. If Akshay chooses Rousee, he will input what goal he wants to be waken up, like “make a positive impact to the world.” Then, all set. Before 9pm the same day, Akshay will be matched with his Rouser, let’s say Annie. Annie has two kinds of information, Akshay’s getting up time and his goal. “Hey, Aksahy, what can you do to make a positive impact to the world?” “Programming!” “How?” “Oh, I have a PennApps to go today.” “What should you do now?” “Get up and go to the airport.” “Just do it.”

How we built it

Some hackathons are devoted to exploring the cutting edge of technology. Some hackathons are devoted to using proven systems to teach newbies how to do awesome stuff and built something impactful. PennApps XIV has been the latter: we collaboratively developed a classic PHP web app that taught our entire team the fundamentals of effective web apps and allowed us to most easily create an effective product.

Challenges we ran into

The same challenges as usual: not knowing what to do for the longest time, getting stuck at every point in the road, team disagreement on design choices, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

Make a positive impact together as a Hackers' team.

What's next for Rouse

Rouse can help people get connected and pursue their dream. By reporting what matters to them, people can use Rouse as a reflection space and a platform to build meaningful connections.

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