Our inspiration came from a shared interest in running. Half of us were very frustrated by not knowing which route to take in order to run our goal distance. We were frequently trying new paths each time and keeping track of our favorites. This was the spark for this project because there must be an easier way to find the perfect path.

What our program does

Our program generates routes based on the user's ideal distance. The path will start and stop at the user's current location and will pick a route for them.

How we built it

Written in Visual Studio using Mapbox SDK, HTML, and javascript (don't forget the caffeine and teamwork!).


Each programmer in this group had a hard time setting up our environments. We tried many combinations of Github, IntelliJ, Flutter, Android Studio, Mapbox, and Emulators. Once a correct and working code was set up, we were unstoppable.


Our team is proud of the communication between each teammate was clear and concise. We explained code and processes. Each member brainstormed their wildest ideas for this hack and we may not have made them all work but we turned in a working and functional code. We think that this can help any runners in urban areas and are very excited to see how the running community reacts.

What we learned

Our team is proud to say that we've learned a lot from this hack. Each of us has learned how to debug even before we get to the code and how to use new script editors.

What's next for Start to Finish

Music integration, audio directions, lapping within the same route, calories burned calculator, give the user the option to avoiding streets, availability for rural areas.

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