Maybe you are a backpacker who is travelling on a budget. Maybe you are planning a round-trip with family, so that single flight ticket prices quickly sum up. Finding a cheap route usually involves many skyscanner-tabs in your browser and communication with your fellow-travellers consist of a series of screen shots for flight suggestions. We help you spend less time and energy on flight and route planning, so you can focus more on fun things like what you want to see instead of how to get there.

What it does

The user can insert all the cities that he wants to visit and how many days he or she plans to stay in that area. Our algorithm will analyse different combinations and suggest the cheapest route to the user. The user can then manually adjust the suggestion, save and resume the session later, share the link with friends or directly forward to booking via skyscanner.

How we built it

We've built a web app on top of the Skyscanner API with backend being written with a mix of Java / Spring + NodeJS; and client side written entirely on React / ES6. Real time communication between the users is solved using Websockets (more specifically

Challenges we ran into

Because frontend and backend were entirely seperate modules, the adequate communication between frontend and backend developers were key to make things work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The pretty dark theme. Honestly though, we like the look of the UI. Another positive mention goes to the project management. We had regular meetings where everyone got together and discussed the general direction of our project.

What we learned

We come from very different backgrounds, so our individual learnings differ greatly. We all enjoyed the hacking and will have our takeaways for sure though!

What's next for Round-trip Flight Optimizer

Most of our implemented features focus on user value. But on the other hand, a smart destination recommendation system (e.g. "for only 20€ more you can also add Lisbon to your round-trip") we could also provide value to flight-search services (in this case skyscanner). Car Hire and Hotel recommendations can also be integrated. The possibilities for user-friendly features is sheer endless. More options to customize the recommendation, faster algorithms, and event-based flight search (e.g. entering "HackUPC" as destination will show relevant flights) are just some of the ideas.

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