In my country, LGBTQ+ people are excluded a lot when looking for a new home or a new job. Therefore, it is hard to move alone to a new place. Most of us join with other members from the LGBTQ+ community (also including allies) when looking for a new home, in order to lessen the costs and have a safe space in it. Here, finding roommates is really hard because we rely on friends and social networks since there's no website to match with other people, and I feel that a website made specifically to the LGBTQ+ community would be extremely helpful.

What it does

In Roumi, you'll be able to find and connect with LGBTQ+ people and allies who are looking to meet new roommates in a specific area of a city. You can also share your hobbies, your accessibility needs, your allergies and other characteristics that are important when living with another person, helping you find your best roommates.

How I built it

I used Angular as a framework for this web application, and since this is a prototype I decided to use json-server as a database to lessen complexity at this stage.

Challenges I ran into

I was at this semester's finals at my university, so I had to start late, sadly. This meant I only had about 8 hours before the deadline when I started coding.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to create a really good looking prototype in Angular in very little time, that could be easily wired to a database in order to make it fully functional.

What I learned

I got to try Linode's services, how to build an Angular application to publish it online, and also how to use a .co domain.

What's next for Roumi

I think this idea could easily be translated into a startup, and I will start looking for funding with friends who aren't in this hackaton in order to make it a reality.

Want to try it?

Just go to to see it working. Also, you can locally deploy it in your computer following these instructions: First, clone the repo to your computer. Then, if you have everything needed to run any Angular application, go to the roumi-app folder and run the npm install command the first time you use Roumi, and then these commands in two different terminal windows to start the servers:

ng serve --open
json-server --watch db.json

Roumi will open at http://localhost:4200/ in your machine and you can try it out.

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