We, as the name would suggest, were inspired by the popular game "Russian Roulette", but we wanted to create a simulation that is less based on change and added an element of strategy to it!

What it does

We decided to create a counting game, with a player can choose up to 6 opponents, either against a human person or computer

How we built it

We used exclusively C++ to build the code for the project, and all work sharing was used through GitHub

Challenges we ran into

We originally wanted to create a stronger user interface for the game to make it more appealing, but our research found that this is a difficult feat for C++, involving external programs and links between C++ and Java, so we decided to stay in the terminal for our submission.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Integration of human and computer players
  • Efficient team communication
  • Simple vector navigation

What we learned

For all of us, this was our first time working together, and it was so fun to work with new people we had never met in our classes! We learned how to work with people of different skill levels, and distribute tasks in an equal manner to complete the project.

What's next for Roulette Game

Given the opportunity, we would like to turn Roulette Game into a desktop application and edit the user interface to make it more appealing than a terminal program

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