My (Vic's) best friend texted me one day telling me his life was slipping out of control. He'd been going to bed at 4 or 5 am every day for the past week, and the closure of gyms meant he wasn't motivated to exercise anymore. He firmly declared that something had to change.

Only after we chatted a bit more did I realise we hadn't caught up in quite a while as well. I'd definitely been a lot more sluggish these days too; it has been tempting to just sit back and get lost in YouTube videos when my bed was only inches away from the desk in the bedroom. Reflecting on the two weeks I was in self-isolation (I'd just returned from the overseas and didn't want to risk infecting the family), as well as being an avid fan of Google Calendar. I knew there was nothing better in keeping my life on track (and staying sane!) than having a routine.

What it does

Roudo is a web app we implemented which encourages anyone and everyone to commit to tasks - be it work, studying, but also exercise, meditation to stay healthy, whilst having the support of others- so as to live a routines life the best way to overcome stress and anxiety during this difficult time.

By being subscribed to each other’s’ Google or Apple calendars, you are able to form work or study groups with those in your network to encourage each other to work hard on tasks, and to stay healthy through exercise and virtual social catchups.

--home page On our app, you can complete fun missions with your friends (such as baking a cake) through accomplishing small goals, a day at a time. The leaderboards also add a bit of competition and excitement and aim to bring out the best in everyone in the community.

--Calendar page: This is where one would write events and productive activities, Through the website's connection with the google calendar API (next step to be implemented), users can create, alter events directly from Roudi. They are also able to see what their friends have planned to and are able to plan out a time to both be working together on our app!

How we built it

Using a JS/Flask backend with Google Calendar APIs and HTML/CSS frontend. Hosted on Google Cloud, using Cloud's app engine, which removes the hassle of dealing with an actual physical server and allows the app to interact with Firebase

Challenges we ran into

Ryan: Difficulty with understanding OAuth2, deploying the web app onto the Google Cloud also was quite a challenge as the example on the “Getting Started” page did not work, so I had to read through some documentation for YAML files and search on stackoverflow.

Vic: OAuth2 API linkage also! And as beginner hackers/web developers, overestimating our ability as a team in achieving the product vision we had at the very start.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of && What I learned

The learning! We got to keep our hands busy working on lots of different tech - and collaborating with each other half-way across the globe.

What's next for our team

Ryan and Vic are excited to continue working on this after the hackathon; Rena is glad to have finished her first hackathon and is looking to participate in more in the future.

What's next for our product

When we finally get our OAuth and Calendar API to work -- ohhh boy oh boy will you be able to see some cool stuff such as in-app scheduling

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