After travelling the world and eating so many different foods of different cultures, our team had decided on one thing: the only metric that can truly test the quality of a chef is how well they can prepare the fabled potato. We have searched many years for the perfect potato, only to always be left wanting something just a little bit more. Alas, we had an idea, to rate restaurants solely on their ability to prepare this majestic food. In due time, after we perfect and work out some kinks in our app, the true perfect potato will emerge, and our time will have been well worth it.

What it does

This app will assist the helpless wanderer on a quest to find only the most delicate and deluxe potatoes in the world. In return, he/she can aid other potato nomads with his/her final judgement on potato dishes.

How we built it

We built this app with the tools available in the Android SDK and Android Studio. We also used the Google Places API

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest issues we had was time. Our team did not have enough inspiration for a project until we got the idea for this project sixteen hours into the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to work together in order to have a demo-able by the end of the hackathon. We were also proud to regain some morale after a tough Friday night.

What we learned

All of us now have a better understanding of Android application development. The three of us who were new to hackathons had a "fun" time.

What's next for Rotten Potatoes

We may continue to improve and refine Rotten Potatoes. We could add location support and logins to the applications so users can get a personalized potato experience. Alec, especially, is looking to make this his next personal project, as he loves potatoes and had his initial inspiration for this idea from a potato blog he planned on writing later this year.

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