Real-world physical interaction is something we see every day without our self knowing. So I wanted to bring it into a butterfly fashion where it interacts with every cloths.

What it does

the user control the cloth simulation, between you and me

How we built it

firstly i made butterfly 3d live image then i exported in lens studio !

Challenges we ran into

its not easy to make butterfly live gif

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I made everything in this filter by my own

What we learned

One of the most important lessons working in fashion has taught me is that you should be truly kind to everyone in every circumstance, no matter what. And not only is kindness important, but the genuine nature of your kindness is too—I’ve learned that most people can spot disingenuous kindness as if it were written all over your face. Fashion and life in general are similar in that mean people don’t get very far—if no one wants to be around you, then no one will want to hire you.

What's next for Rosy Butterfly AR

Make the project in low size so its easily loadable.

Built With

  • ar
  • cloth
  • simulation
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