This is our first hackathon, and we came in wanting to try to build a website for the first time. We wanted to challenge ourselves to take on one of the largest global issues, the negative effect of gas emissions on climate change. We chose to model our website after the "clean, modern aesthetic" to appeal to more members of the younger generation.

What it does

SKRT provides inexperienced car buyers with the fundamental knowledge they need to make a reasonable decision based on a combination of environmental considerations and other personal preferences. We do not function as a car search engine, but have conducted prior research and selected what we consider to be the best choices based on the most current sought out automobile features.

How we built it

We wanted to focus mostly on the user interface, and spent most of our time coding our HTML and CSS files. We built most of our pages around the same CSS grid for cohesive formatting, and hand picked a color palette in addition to personally designing each image using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop applications to suit our website's theme.

Challenges we ran into

There were various obstacles we encountered throughout the website-building process that included formatting errors, different stylistic choices, and the learning curve that came with being beginners with HTML and CSS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of the ending result of our website considering that none of us came in with any knowledge of HTML or CSS. We established a fully complete front-end interface within the very limited time given, and accomplished our initial goals.

What we learned

Overall, our group learned how to create a website, to navigate GitHub, as well as utilize the terminal to share code. We learned the fundamentals of the HTML language and the impact of UX on the visual display of a website. We also were introduced to Materialize and JavaScript and incorporated them into our code for the website. Not only did we learn new languages, but we also learned how to collaborate within a group setting to effectively communicate our ideas.

What's next for RoseHacks2020

We hope to continue building upon our newfound web development skills, and want to put out more projects of higher quality in the future.


Special thanks to Ryan Yang, JP, and Nicole Nguyen for helping us along our journey!

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