Most people like me tend to believe that it is better to cope with our emotions on our own, everyday we go through different emotions at home, school, work etc. But what we don't realize while putting us in that position we tend to sometimes dig deeper into our hole instead of climbing out of it. It took me a pretty long time to talk it out with someone else. This allowed me to let go of some type of grief that I didn't think I had, but felt in that moment. We as a team wants to help other's know that our thoughts are fragile as a rose and we need to take care of it with positive thoughts and others.

What it does

We decided to make an app since HS students have access to their phone it will be easier for them. The Rose Together has 4 features articles, events, resources and daily. Articles allows students to read about mental health and how often it happen, the events tab shows get togethers and helps them meet new people who is also trying to take care of themselves, resources shows websites and places that they can go to get extra/ professional help and lastly we have the daily tab which just gives students a daily motivational quote and tips to remember like un-plug for some me time.

How we built it

We first sketched out ideas in which we got from instagram, facebook and twitter. After words we created a working prototype of how the app should function. We didn't get time, but we are planning to use x code a development environment for macOS containing software development tools developed by Apple for developing macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we faced was how do we bring people to connect/open up with each other without feeling awkward/insecure. We also encouraged one of our team member to explore a new path in which she could maybe continue in her future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having an idea prototype in which we would love feedback to improve. We are proud to use our time and ideas efficiently and having a plan in what to do next.

What we learned

We learned how important mental health is especially for high school students. This issue is being looked over and not really fixing it so we decided to try to educate and also spread awareness about this topic.

What's next for Rose Together

We want to make this a fully functional app and allow students to use it. If Rose Together is successful then we will like to focus on other health issues that are being over looked.

Built With

  • prototype-figma
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