Robert - Until last year I was a caregiver of my grandmother, Rose, for just over 3 years. She was suffering from dementia, and what was really surprising was how some of my family members promised they would help, but never really followed through. My idea for Rose Care was to have platform that held all the details of caring for a loved one. A place to see updates on how your loved one is doing, a list of their medications, interactions with their medical professionals, and being able to communicate with the family members / professionals that compose of the care team.

What it does

Rose Care creates a Family Group centered around a Loved One, which Family Members and related Medical Professionals can join. This group has a newsfeed of text and photo posts that are related to the Loved One. A reminder of an upcoming meeting, a nice note or photo of how they're doing during their day. The group would also provide the medical staff taking care of the person access to make posts of their own - to give peace of mind when family members cannot be there.

How we built it

The project is built with a Node/Express Backend with a PostgreSQL Database - currently being hosted on Google Cloud

Challenges we ran into

A lack of planning was really what gave us the most trouble. Nothing was really planned, or even thought of, until a day before the hackathon. We spent a lot of time pivoting on database schemas and different approaches in our front end, as well as running into trouble with the Twilio API to provide a chat system. I knew that we weren't supposed to work on anything before the hackathon, but I'm now seeing that planning and overall talking about the idea would've been fine to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Tommy Tran was INCREDIBLE on the front end, and made an amazing home page and creative logo. Peter fearlessly dove into researching a new API, and made a lot of progress learning on how it works, and Robert made a standing desk for his laptop and monitor using folding chairs (I learned more about deploying on Google Cloud). While Rose Care is definitely in a "hacked" state, we still feel great about the idea, and are glad to have had this experience.

What we learned

We learned how nice it is to have a semester to build this type of project. It was a very big undertaking for a 24 hour period, and even with the experience we have using these technologies it was still difficult for us to achieve as much as we wanted. But - it gave a great foundation for a project to continue to work on and refine.

What's next for Rose Care

We plan to refactor and polish the application. While it might never become a live application that can be used in real life, due to assumed legal issues, it's still a great project to work on to learn how to develop a social media-type application.

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