Team rootbeerfloat is bringing two pieces of wearable technologies together to create a spatially based game. This game is a multi-player fighting game on iOS devices (iphone, ipod touch, ipad) loosely based on the famous Street Fighter. With this game, we are hoping to provide entertainment across multiple platforms for people who are passionate about video games, wearable technologies, and simply fun and new things. 
 To pull all of these devices together, we use the blue tooth technology to hold communication between iOS devices, Pebbles, and Myo. Each player would have one iOS device, one Pebble, and one Myo. The iOS device would initiate the game play by connecting to the two other devices as well as the opponent iOS device. Both the Pebble and the iOS device would show the current status of the players: who made the last move and the health bar of both players. The Myo is almost like a virtual weapon in this case: we aim to use the gesture recognition function provided by Myo to take in players' movements. For example, a forward fist movement would be interpreted as a punch attack toward the opponent. A finger-spread movement with no acceleration would a blocking movement. With this said, we have the very basic set up working across the three platforms. 
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