Following the recent discussions on earth day, we as a group find environmental sustainability a real issue and we wanted to combat it in a fun effective way hence why we came up with - Root. Research proves that food production accounts for 13.7 billion tons of CO2, and agriculture takes up 38% of the global land surface.

What it does

Root is a web-based application that encourages sustainability through showing and helping users grow produce within their own homes. We included three examples of vegetables (carrots, spinach, tomatoes) for them to grow in their own backyard, provided information on how to grow them and a calendar. Information would include what the seeds would look like, when to harvest, and how to plant it. We designed it to have a calendar where the user can create an event (eg. Planted Carrots) so the user can keep track. But with time constraints and limited skills (with contact with mentors that did not know how to help either), we had to insert a calendar that is our own. Roots was also designed to have a section on the dashboard showing the user's weather outside.

How we built it

We built it using HTML to script the website along with CSS and Bootstrap to style the website and create consistency. We also use JavaScript to deploy APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Time zones and communication was an issue. It was also challenging implementing the weather and calendar parts of our websites. We contacted mentors but they did not know how to help us either, so we had to compromise some features (weather, calendar)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how our website turned out. The most challenging part was the time zones but we all managed to work properly and finish our work on time. We are also proud of our teamwork and effort we put into this website that turned out to be pretty good.

What we learned

We learned how to plan a project effectively as well as practicing our web development skills. We learned teamwork and improved our communication skills such as recognizing our talents and working in those parts and taking charge and doing the work. We also learned some new skills such as learning some cool CSS ideas to make the website look good.

What's next for Root

Next up, we plan to fix the weather API and google calendar API on our page so that Roots would be fully functional. We are also thinking about adding more information about how to plant the three examples and add other kinds of plants too.

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