Renting in NY and finding a roommates is time consuming. Average it takes 1-2 months by vising at least 5 apartments to find your perfect home. With Roomza, it recreates the feeling of being in the apartment at the neighborhood you love. It provides more vivid introduction of your future roommates. It gives you a video tour of the best coffee shops, bars around to help you get to know this neighborhood quickly. You only need to make appointment to check out the apartments you love!

Videos give you much more information than images, e.g a friendly doorman, a sunshine bedroom, awesome beer garden nearby, cozy coffee shops. You not only get to know the apartment more, but also know the neighborhood. With videos, it makes roommate search much more trustworthy.

What it does

It is location based app that provides you the videos of available apartments around while walking in the neighborhood you love. You can click into the apartment tour videos you are interested in and make appointment if you like it. Roomza is integrated with api to get the tags of apartment tour videos so user can search other videos using those tags such as swimming pool, elevator building, subway etc.

How I built it

github: jquery, javascript,, google map geolocation api

Challenges I ran into

Idea wise, it took us several rounds of video shooting to figure out how to take the videos that could present our idea the best Technology wise, given short amount of time, we were debating whether the backend coding is required to finish a working prototype. We tried to use Clarifai api to analyze the tags of our video that chopped into parts, it took us several rounds of testing to get it work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

simplifying the idea and building a prototype that includes to tag videos

What I learned

We formed Roomza team today at the meeting place, by working on different tasks, we learned how to incoporate each other's skills to build one product in short amount of time. Video api is new to us, we learned from scratch how to chop videos into pieces, how to get tagging of a video, it is pretty cool.

What's next for Roomza:

  1. Build a simple version of mobile app in IOS
  2. Present in universities in NYC to get them start using Roomza, students have large needs to find roommates.
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