Having problems with our own roommates mainly because of their lifestyle.

What it does

Matches 2 people based on their lifestyle so that they can have a healthier relationship as roommates and enjoy their uni and hall life!

How we built it

Java on Netbeans by using mySQL as our database

Challenges we ran into?

As inexperienced hackers, the main challenge was to find a platform which served our purpose and was user friendly at the same point of time. We created front end in python and HTML and back end in JavaScript but couldn't integrate both using middleware.

What we learned?

So as freshmen with no experience we learnt quite a few things as we tried various languages and interfaces. A couple of them being PyQt, HTML, JavaScript. Although we haven't learnt these in depth but we are all set to learn it in the near future.

What's next for RoomyLah! ?

What we have made as of now is a prototype of a working model of an app with high scalability. What we mean by that is when it's a fully functionable app, it can not only be used by university students worldwide but also other adults who are willing to share their room.

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