All our teammates are interning in large cities this summer, but sometimes best friends don't make the best roommates. We need a way to quickly and easily decide who we can room with over the summer in peace.

How it works

When a new user registers, they are aromatically brought to a personality quiz. After they fill in their answers, the IBM Watson Personality Insights API translates their text into personality metrics. These are automatically put into their profile, which they complete by uploading a picture. From there they can view their roommate matches grouped into two categories 'birds of a feather' and 'opposites attract'. We coded most of the project in Javascript, and our front-end is HTML and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

We had trouble integrating the API and translating the user input into JSON format, so the API could parse it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The JSON parsing, though difficult, ended up working well. Additionally, I'm proud of our front-end.

What I learned

We had a crash course in MongoDB and integrating APIs, which no one in our group had worked with before. Some of us knew the front-end stack, but the others picked it up as they went along.

What's next for RoomMe

Final touches and admiring our work.

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