Both of the contributors of the project are international students, and we do understand how difficult it can be to look for roommates, who check each item in your list. With Roomify, you no longer have to, its on the tip of your hand!

What it does

Roomify is a platform to search for roommates and share your bills, be that utility or groceries, it keeps track of all, as long as you remember to add!

How we built it

  • The backend is developed through .Net 5.0 Web API
  • The frontend was built using ReactJS
  • The database was stored in Google Cloud Platform(GCP)'s storage featuring postgresql provider
  • Twilio's API to send OTP for email verification, and Phone Number.
  • There was plans to setup Cloudinary API as well to store user's images as well as the billing images.
  • We were planning to deploy it in Google Cloud but the circumstances were never good when Microsoft's .Net was supposed to play nice with Google's Cloud. So, unfortunately the project couldn't be deployed.
  • There was also plan to include real time messaging system for the bill CRUD operations to let user get notified of the changes.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenges the backend ran into was initiating a friend to friend request system, which ultimately was resolved. React's state-management system was quite the hassle. The biggest challenge was definitely integrating the back-end and the front-end, and on top of that to get them deployed to GCP was a nightmare, which we couldn't do it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall, as relatively newbie hackers we are proud of how much we did cover within this short span of time. We both are relatively new to making webapps with front-end and back-end being handled seperately, and we got to know a lot about git workflow. Working with Google's API, Cloudinary's API, Twilio's API and bringing them all together within 2 days was not definitely what we hoped for, but we are glad we did try it!

What we learned

We learned that planning is really important just from the fact how miserable we were during these 40 hours of coding. Communication is really important and so is teamwork for these kinds of big projects and we will continue to work on this project even after this event!

What's next for Roomify

Provide more modern look to our web app (we barely made it to give it colors instead of plain old html), work on a more standard structure of the project so that continuous deployment can be initiated. Provide more features like roommate goals, ratings, etc. Live long and prosper!

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