Every college student has to manage academic and household responsibilities. We want to make coordinating effortless, comfortable, and convenient so we offer you Housework Homie!

What it does

Housework Homie is a web app that lets you create roommate groups and chore sets to automatically rotate responsibilities and send reminders to roommates on a regular basis.

How we built it

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js

Challenges We ran into

Sending information from the client user to the db server in the format suitable for use was a struggle but understanding JavaScript documentation for it made quicker to debug and adopt implementation techniques.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are glad to have a final product to share that caters to every individual who doesn’t live alone.

What we learned

We learned how to use Node.js to send and receive data from client and server for group account/chore information. We learned incorporate user friendly functionalities and UI/UX for users.

What's next for Housework Homie

Housework Homie has a big scope in reaching a wide range of people who would benefit from such an app. We plan to first create a mobile compatible application that makes it easier to get reminder and announcement notifications. We want to have an approval mechanism for specific events, buying shared appliances, etc. We want to also create subcategories for chores. For example have individual chores, common chores, room specific chores so everyone doesn’t see information for rooms or tasks that will never pertain to them. We want to embed calendars so that roommates can coordinate hangouts or see availability as well.

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