As international students, we are all frustrated on hunting apartments and roommates in a new country:

  1. No trusted brokers
  2. Language barriers
  3. Not suiteable for Chinese students who can’t come to NYC and see the apartmetn
  4. Hard to match roommates

So the situations inspired us to help more students like us. We want to build a more trustful website for them to rent the apartments and to find the match roommates.


  1. Webbased Intermidiate part stay close with Chinese students and local brokers
  2. Focus on branding as trusted partner
  3. Chinese support on website
  4. Transfer money to bank account in home country instead of transfer overseas
  5. Roommate recommendation based on similarity of living style

Target User

International students going to US for study. Special focus on Chinese students and New York area in our first step.


  1. Roommate Recommendation
  2. List apartments by school
  3. Group chat with potential roommates
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