Tell the story behind the code.

Few weeks ago I found myself looking for a roommate for the first time in my life. After wasting days talking to random people on Craigslist I realized there are no good or even useful apps for finding roommates.

The next few days I talked to friends and relatives and most of them shared their frustration with the roommate finding experience.

We formed a rockstar team and started to plan. That’s when we learned about the Launch event (5 days ago) and signed up. We are well on our way to be releasing our app to production by the end of the week.

What inspired you?

This is the way people will be finding roommates soon. We want to be the first to provide it for them.

Current solution fail to provide the following:

  • Personal information
  • Stable, structured, and consistent information about the listing
  • Ability to communicate without any commitments
  • Provide communication channels
  • Easy to use, especially on mobile
  • Push notifications
  • Anything social
  • Information about other roommates in the listings
  • Roommate screening features (voting, group chat)
  • Fun

Who is your target user?

Latest research shows that millions of people are now splitting the rent with a roommate. To be more specific, a third of Americans are now living in doubled-up households as housing costs continue to outpace incomes. Those are our target users.

What key features are you most proud of?

Our application stack is cutting edge and gives us the ability to create many cool features that we are proud of. To list a few:

  • Geo filtering for finding roommates
  • Chat with potential roommates, wait, why not include your other roommates as well.
  • App design
  • Social integration
  • Data-driven matching
  • Roommate screening
  • Simplified user experience
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