Despite the technological advances and huge cost drops of efficient lighting option, people hang on to incandescents. That's because fluorescents and LEDs still carry the stigma of having cold and unpleasant light. Moreover, buying light bulbs is a huge hassle and finding the right bulb is a daunting task – even for energy specialists.

How it works

  1. Change light temperature and brightness in a 3-D room and pick what you like.
  2. MyLight recommends which light bulbs to buy (based on lifetime savings, energy cost per year, price, and CO2 emission savings).
  3. You buy the bulb and start saving! 

Challenges I ran into

Price data is not publically available.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fully functional app that will make light bulb shopping infinitely easier, faster, and more fun.

What I learned

Light bulbs are even more complicated that we had previously thought. And we are energy experts....

What's next for RoomBrite

More products. More rooms. Light optimization. Mobile app. Roll-out online and in stores.

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