Skynet inspired

What it does

Visually detects faces dependent on database entries. Will shine laser when a face in DB is detected.

How we built it

Built using arduino, rasberry pi, Python, visual recognition software, and recycled products.

Challenges we ran into

Faulty drivers, no Roomba, lack of technology, lack of support, firewalls, lack of hardware, lack of building items, hours of work, transferring data from 3 different types of technology (arduino, rasberry pi, cloud), using firebase DB for these technologies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did not burn down CEWIT.

What we learned

How to connect firebase to different technologies, python's complexity, hardware complexity (first hardware hack for some of the team), and soda cans are suprisingly sturdy.

What's next for Roombalistics

A nerf gun hook up, automated movement of the Roomba.

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