Roommader: A SB Hacks V Project

Created by: Andrew Manzanero, Jason Mally, Stark Zheng, Theo Nguyen

Starting a new year of college is stressful enough as it is. New classes, old buildings, new faces, old friends, and uncertainty abound. On top of all these factors, returning students face many nerve-wracking questions about their living situation:

"What if my roommate stays up all night gaming?"

"What if my roommate goes to bed at 8pm?"

"What if my roommate has guests over at all hours?"

"What if my roommate isn't cool with my girlfriend/boyfriend/partner sleeping here?"

If you or a loved one has been to college, you may be familiar with some of these questions. Thankfully, Roommader is here to help. With a user interface inspired by the dating apps ever so popular among college students, Roommader makes it easy for people to find compatible roommates and housemates.

Roommader users are asked to fill out a brief preference form when they sign up, in which they can provide potential 'mates with an overview of their personality, lifestyle, and habits. When 'swiping' through others' profiles, one sees an overview of their responses to the very same questions.

School is stressful. Finding roommates doesn't have to be. That's why we made Roommader.


Make sure to download the Expo Client app!

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Visit here for a demo! After downloading, use a QR reader (Android) or your camera (ios) in order to scan the QR code and run the demo application in your Expo Client App.


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Special thanks to the following libraries used to build this application:

Roommader is a React Native app:

Login Screen formatting:

Roommader is a React Native app:

Swipable UI taken from:

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