Inspiration: Being first year RIT Students, we’ve gone through our very first University housing experience fully online. Though not the ideal situation- as change makers we saw a problem in the roommate system and decided it was time to adapt to the current times and create Room8 Tinder! We definitely saw some struggles finding roommates and the cluunky system of making a facebook group and the whole searching process, so we decided that we should give it a go at streamlining it.

What it does: It works exactly like tinder but with RIT Roomates! Has easily accessible and up to date housing information and makes it a lot more fun and easier to reach out to people about being roomates!

Challenges we ran into: Challenges we ran into we’re Connecting our backend together, and integrating it with the front end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Proud of Learning new languages, how to connect backend and front end as well as designing our webpage!


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