Enter a conference room or office meeting and you get to instantly join the ad-hoc yammer group/topic for the meeting.

We do this by letting the meeting organizer setup his/her iPad/iPhone as a Room Beacon.

All persons who enter the room and are within the beacon's proximal zone i.e. 5ft to 100ft (configurable by the organizer) get silently (notification-optional) enrolled to the meeting.

The organizer gets a cool dashboard where he can see the people in the room on the radar and the realtime conversation stream through the yammer-embed widget.

This allows for a slew of exciting-features such as

  • realtime & historical knowledge of who attended the meeting
  • archive of meeting notes available to all at end-of-meeting
  • any number of ad-hoc meetings/rooms can be put on radar

Finally, all the infrastructure / requirements are already in place - no new infrastructure needed i.e.

  • Smartphone (iPhone / Android or iPad / Tablet)
  • Yammer groups

Just add the roomradar.me app and raise productivity :-)

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