We were inspired by the idea of an international or exchange student who would find it difficult to find flatmates for private properties, and be forced to go for expensive private halls. By allowing users to express their interest in the property, students can buddy up and communicate with each other in order to rent a property together.

What it does

Two-platform client-server framework

App: Displays nearby properties on GoogleMaps, with filtering capability based on price, bedrooms, and distance.

  • Upon selection of a property, the user is taken to a screen displaying a list of property details, as well as the users interested in the property, who can be reached via FaceBook. Users can express interest in the property, which is saved on the server and displayed for all other users.

Web: View properties on GoogleMaps, show interest, view other interested students, in addition to the ability to add new properties into the system.

How I built it

App: Android Studio (JAVA & XML)

Backend: PHP and Yii

Web front-end: JavaScript & CSS

Challenges I ran into

  • JSON Review
  • Learning how to POST to a server from Android

  • Learning Javascript from scratch

  • Learning Google Map API from scratch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting all components to work together. Using APIs and languages we've never previously used before. Getting client-server communication to run smoothly.

Everyone contributed to a different aspect of the project, and worked independently no one twiddled their thumbs!

What I learned

How to work in a team and divide responsibilities effectively. How to use JavaScript.

What's next for Room Hunt

Adding in Login functions Creating Room Hunt user profile from social media data. Improving UI Direct Messaging capability

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