One of our teammates, Jorge, has an uncle who is an entrepreneur that runs a construction business in Nicaragua. He spends most of his time traveling to the different build sites and suppliers coordinating timelines and expectations. Construction is a difficult industry because it requires aligning many different stakeholders under a single project goal.

So with this difficulty in mind, Room offers a time-saving solution with asynchronous meetings hoping to reduce meeting time and increase information flow between stakeholders. Going beyond just text updates, Room adds powerful asynchronous video updates to project management. While Room best fits the highly distributed, complex trust-based relationships powering construction, Room increasingly applies to the increasingly distributed and remote workforce powering modern industry.

What it does

Room reimagines remote meetings by adding asynchronous meeting support to With asynchronous meetings, teams no longer need to jump through hoops to have productive discussions with teammates.

Room is tightly integrated with to offer teams all the tools they need to hold asynchronous meetings. It augments monday's item updates view to deliver a seemless experience for teams already familiar with the monday platform.

See what Room has to offer your team:

☄️ Fully featured meeting tools allowing teams to exchange videos, screen recordings, and audio with a single click (No more downloading separate apps)

☄️ No downloads required. Everything works in the browser

☄️ Direct integration with's item updates

☄️ Simple setup. Just add Room to your board and you're all set! Room will automatically appear in your items

☄️ Access any time. All your meeting updates are saved and can be accessed whenever you need to

How I built it

We use a backend node server to interface with's APIs, allowing us to send updates to user's boards. We also use this server to process users' meetings and create links to team recordings.

On the frontend side, we use react for the client-side portion of Room. This includes the interface for creating asynchronous meetings as well as the playback views for recorded meetings.

Challenges I ran into

Since's file API is relatively new, we had some difficulties finding code samples to use, but fortunately the documentation is clear and well-maintained. However, there were still a few missing pieces that gave us trouble. To our knowledge, there is no way to upload a video to an update and have that video be directly embedded. We were able to upload the video programmatically as a downloadable attachment, but for the purposes of having a great user experience, we would love for these videos to embed and be playable from the update itself. We hope to speak with devs to make this improvement in the future.

What I learned

This was our first dive into the APIs. We found this to be a good, smooth learning experience thanks to the stellar documentation.

What's next for Room

Our goal is to work with the tech team in the future to get the API features mentioned above implemented. With some additional API functionality, we will be able to directly embed videos into item updates and offer a great UX for teams.

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