Ronald McDonald Mobile Care Unit

What it does

Help kids get the medical care they need to get back in school, by making it easier to find information about when/where the Ronald McDonald mobile care unit will be.

How I built it

Meteor, react, radium, cordova, and location API.

Challenges I ran into

Using react was fun, but also a learning experience. We used radium for react styling. Inserting PDF information into mongo documents. React styling seemed cumbersome, but resulted in very modular components.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a package to help generate mobile splash assets.

What I learned

We learned about react, styling in react, and meteor reactivity with react. Practice using the location api's. More about how meteor reactivity and react can work together.

What's next for Ronald McDonald Mobile Care Unit

Continue to improve location selection for users. Publish to app stores.

Packages Used

meteor-base # Packages every Meteor app needs to have mobile-experience # Packages for a great mobile UX mongo # The database Meteor supports right now blaze-html-templates # Compile .html files into Meteor Blaze views session # Client-side reactive dictionary for your app jquery # Helpful client-side library tracker # Meteor's client-side reactive programming library

standard-minifiers # JS/CSS minifiers run for production mode es5-shim # ECMAScript 5 compatibility for older browsers. ecmascript # Enable ECMAScript2015+ syntax in app code react ccan:cssreset reactrouter:react-router accounts-password markoshust:radium

momentjs:moment poetic:moment-timezone outatime:geolib mdg:geolocation aldeed:geocoder ground:db

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