After looking into potential ideas focussed around the Constellation Brand competition, we recognized that many large business-to-business companies have very little direct customer interaction with whom they could communicate with and potentially market to. Additionally, many of these companies also have limited influence over consumer's environmental habit and behaviours, even in regard to the company's product. We set out to find an interesting solution to allow Constellation Brands to communicate with their consumers and to give them unique influence over their customer's recycling habits with a mutually-beneficial incentive program.

What it does

'Rona Season uses one of Constellation Brand's flagship products, Corona, as a test case scenario for a web app which consumers can directly interact with. This app allows consumers to collect points with the purchase of all Corona packages. The number of points collected vary with each purchasable package sizes to encourage consumers to by in bulk and therefore decrease the amount of cardboard packaging used. Each new Corona purchase includes a unique QRCode which has been developed at the Corona factory and placed inside the package. The consumer can make an account through the website, and scan this QRCode to redeem their points. The customer can then confirm that they recycled their purchased bottles after use to receive a point-multiplier. After the consumer has collected a certain amount of points, they can redeem rewards which range from "Plant a Tree" to customized corona clothing from environmentally conscious brands. The customer's data for their points, redeemed bottles, and redeemed prizes is all stored on their account.

How I built it

We built the website using node js and react. the project has a main front end, (that was designed and made by one of our team members Alec Glover), and a backend. the backend consists of a MongoDB data base for both users and QRcodes that Constellation Brands will use to verify and generate more codes.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the main challenges we ran into was putting together all of the information and how it would flow through the projects using routes. This included the scanning and information gathering from QRcodes and texting when registering and redeeming points.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think that as a team we are all very proud of how put together and finalized this product is to show. Furthermore, having the project interact with users in a variety of different ways was very fulfilling and fun to see in action. We also made a customized Corona snapchat filter which was added as a bonus, which we all had a really fun time with!

What I learned

Our team has a wide range of project experience, with each member bringing unique advantages as well as weaker areas. We had to work together to catch each other up where we were lacking and to take advantage of each member's strengths wherever possible. This was a learning experience for all of us, and we are really proud (and a little bit surprised) at what we were able to achieve!

What's next for 'Rona Season

Going forwards we would love to have been able to open a website section for customers to provide Constellation Brands with feedback and for Constellation Brands to be able to promote new products to consumers with or without and account.

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