My inspiration for developing this application was to add a little bit of stability for those that need it. At the moment, it seems like much of the world is in mass panic; this can lead to many things being squandered, such as time, money, and lives. Rona M.D. is the solution to these things.

What it does

Rona M.D. serves as an always-accessible, first-step for anyone that thinks that they may have contracted COVID-19. It allows people to get quick and definite information backed by the CDC, WHO, and scientists worldwide.

How I built it

My application was built using Infermedica, which does the bulk of the information handling. Rona serves as the middleman, making requests to their database based on what information the end user has given. It will help to build a profile, track symptoms, and accurately diagnose based on what the user describes.

Challenges I ran into

My biggest challenge was trying to find a good way to make a dynamic GUI. Tkinter, a popular GUI package for Python, just didn't have the features I needed to ensure my application was nimble enough. I eventually found some options from PyQt5, where I was able to manipulate some features behind the scenes to make a somewhat appealing interface that could update on the fly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My main accomplishment is having completed this entire project in under 24hrs, and solo. I opened the email at about 10pm last night, and I am sitting here at almost 5:30pm, including the final touches.

What I learned

I learned so much from this project; mostly regarding how picky a computer can be. I really did love delving into a new API, as well as learning how to handle new Python packages (specifically PyQt5).

What's next for Rona M.D.

I plan to integrate another API to provide country-by-country data, specifically looking at the rates of change for their infections, recoveries, and deaths. This will provide a day-by-day look at the strain that a particular country's medical infrastructure is being subject to, and provide better information to people using my app. I also plan to add features that are purely informational, including how to prevent and protect.

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