We had no idea what to make so we decided to make a discord bot that is just made to be annoying and funny for our discord server but at the same time useful

What it does

play youtube audio, move members out, yell at certain members when they joined, plays soundclips of our own voices, plays russian roulette, scrapes the front page of reddit and posts it into the chat

How we built it

The bot basically uses Javascript, Node.js, youtube api, restful api and runs on the google cloud platform

Challenges we ran into

Hard to get him to play audio, as well as getting the google and youtube apis to work. It also took a while to edit our own soundclips just right. Also the ffmpeg, and opus audio encoding were hard to get right. Discord API is still buggy as he sends messages twice sometimes. It could be the way he is configured on Google Cloud.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

He can scrape the web, he can yell at people, he can move people at certain events, can post annoying pictures and makes annoying sounds. Also proud of its discrimination function against certain users which cant be showcased at the moment right now

What we learned

That when youre bored and have no idea you just end up doing a lot of things at once

What's next for romiDiscordBotGCP

Make him even more annoying and make him able to join multiple servers more customization, better security with tokens.

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