When I built my website, I was hard-pressed to find that there are no websites that integrate multiple art mediums on to one sole platform; furthermore, the platforms that do exist didn't have the "user-first" mentality that I wanted to create with Rolodecks.

What it does

Platform for artists to upload, share, and find art from people around the world, in any medium. The "user-first" mentality that makes us unique tries to highlight random artists on the site on the "explore" page, with a paid premium option that allows a higher chance of promotion.

How I built it

Built in Python using Flask, utilizing Google Firebase and Google Cloud Storage. Custom event handlers deal with new uploads, edits, and usernames. A weighted-randomness algorithm was intended to be put in and was made for Rolodecks, however time did not permit the inclusion in the submission.

Challenges I ran into

First time using any Firebase or GCP tech, which deemed very useful but hard to fully grasp in such a short amount of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building this web app form the ground-up alone was a hard, but rewarding thing to accomplish in 24hrs.

What I learned

Being able to leverage development tasks and think on my feet, while having the awareness to step back when situations in which I am struggling start to hinder my progress.

What's next for Rolodecks

Take what I learned from this hackathon and push myself for bigger and better projects.

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