Kenton was sick and tired of being in the dark about trash pickup and recycling days. When he checked the City of Houston website, he had to go through 8 steps to get the schedule. There had to be a better way.


We wanted to make an app that had all the information you need (geolocated) the moment the app launched. Once you know the next pickups (the essential part), you can enjoy additional features that create added convenience.


  • Instantly see the next trash pickup date, next recycling pickup date, next heavy trash date
  • Schedule reminders
  • Find recycling centers based on material
  • Learn about what's recyclable

Where we are

So in less than 24 hours, we have a pretty darned functional prototype. We're pulling ESRI / ArcGIS map data with lots of attributes we've uploaded for recycling locations. We are close to mastering the My City Map ESRI data for pickup schedule data.

We want to launch

We want to complete this project quickly and offer it at no charge to the City of Houston as an app for their website to give Houstonians power over their waste.

Thank you. Kenton, Joel and Jason

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