Ever since I got my hand on the smartwatch I always thinking how much fun is it to play a game in a wrist. After many trial and error in designing a game, I finally find out a way to utilize the function of the Navigation Bezel in a form of game. The core inspiration was came from mobile game called Beneath the Light House for the mechanic of rotating a partial room, but this time Rolling Hams added more tones & changing area as encounter different type of traps.

What it does

In Rolling Hams you will manipulate a round room full of traps and maneuvering a hamster through it. Rolling Hams is a challenging casual puzzle adventure game about a rolling hamster collecting the lost snacks. Your goal is to help the hamster grab the snack and roll to many different worlds.

How I built it

I develop games by my own using Construct 2, a perfect tool for non-programmer like me. First I create the game itself, then I export it to Tizen platform. The exported file then moved to the Tizen-IDE / Tizen Studio which then will be packed into .WTG file to be able to run on Tizen Smartwatch such Samsung Galaxy Watch. Construct 2 can use Javascript in order to use various function on the device.

Challenges I ran into

The main gameplay of this game was made during a game jam. Most of the challenge was in designing level with limited area but fun & engaging to play. Since this was also my first smartwatch game, it really took time to figure out how to converting the game into Tizen without an error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This game was nominated as 1st Best Wearable Games on Indonesia Next Apps 4.0 and got featured in Galaxy Store until this day. This was also my first game that I made alone.

What I learned

Potential. This game alone marks my journey to designing & developing more smartwatch game.

What's next for Rolling Hams

New sequel with more unique puzzle and beautiful artwork.

Built With

  • construct-2
  • smartwatch
  • tizen
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