RollApp - a real-world assets NFT launchpad. RollApp brings real-world assets to the global NFT marketplace and allows everyone to tokenize their goods for sale as NFTs.

What it does

RollApp is a marketplace and launchpad for asset tokenization. The real-world asset is an NFT (ERC-721 / ERC-1155) and can be traded on the marketplace between users. RollApp now hosts the first RWA collections from our company Curio (sneakers/wines/watches), as well as one collection of exclusive utility NFTs - Curio Founders Edition NFT - holders of these NFTs will receive various bonuses/discounts / early access to new Curio products in the future. The RWA NFTs currently listed on RollApp are Wrapped NFT tokens. This means that any user can buy RWA Wrapped NFT without having to go through the KYC/AML procedure. There is also a function to get a real asset by performing Redeem for RWA NFT. To do this, the user must go through the KYC/AML procedure and Curio company will send the real asset to the NFT holder.

How we built it

We presented RollApp on July 19, 2021, in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. RollApp is currently running on Ethereum and we have released the first RWA collections from Curio in the form of ERC-721. For users, the functions of NFT trading of existing collections are available, as well as the creation of an application for tokenization of their real asset, which will later be approved by Curio and available to the user for sale on the marketplace. For any RWA on RollApp, you can redeem and get a real asset with delivery.

RollApp on Solana

RollApp will support the Solana and the Metaplex protocols as the first supported networks after Ethereum. We have selected several real-world assets that will be tokenized by CurioInvest as NFTs for the public launch on Solana. The sale will be available for Curio Governance Token (CGT).

For the cross-chain operation of RollApp, we will add support for Ethereum-Solana bridges, which will work with both the ERC-20 CGT token and the NFT.

What's next for RollApp

In the future, we plan to make RollApp as a cross-chain dapp, working primarily on the Solana network and release RWA on Solana, as well as integrate Metaplex into the RollApp application. Among the further development plans of RollApp, we plan to add RWA NFT trade between the buyer and the seller through the Escrow contract mechanism with control of the transaction and delivery of goods. We are also in the process of developing a system for recording the reputation of platform users using the ERC-725 standard and interacting with the LUKSO project.

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