Editing the silence and bloopers out of raw footage is a boring and tedious process. We want to automate the initial rough cuts so creators can focus on making their content better rather than doing manual chores.

What it does

Rolla is a progressive web application that automatically edits video and audio footage. It does this by scanning the footage for silent segments and performs non-destructive edits in an FCPXML file - a timeline format that is readable by video editing applications such as Davinci Resolve and Final Cut. After Rolla generates the rough cuts, you can import the timeline directly into those editors for further production.

How we built it

Basic HTML/CSS/JS + WebAssembly port of FFmpeg. Netlify for CI & hosting

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot more features planned initially but realized that there was no way we could get them working within 48 hours. We had to scale back the implementation plan twice, and even then everything was still extremely rushed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a free auto editor that runs on the web with easy user-onboarding.

What we learned

How to plan and execute a project with tight time constraints.

What's next for Rolla

  1. Full refactor with proper tooling
  2. More features: multiple detection approaches to better inform cut decisions, add support for adobe premiere, explore multithreading, performance optimization...
  3. Eventually, we want to turn this into a tool reliable enough for actual content creators to use in their workflow

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