What inspired me to build RokkSalt was the desire to expand on the Twitter Lead Gen cards and to add in new features that would allow people to do more with their lead gen cards. I wanted to give people the ability to pass over custom field data through the lead gen cards into Infusionsoft, as well as to create reporting to go along and show a quick glance at the performance of each card.

What it does

RokkSalt Integrates Twitter Lead Gen cards into Infusionsoft through the Infusionsoft API and the use of tags. Tags are applied every time a Lead Gen Card link is clicked in Twitter and will pass over Twitter contact and custom field data that is set in the Card settings in Twitter. It also builds reports from the cards that are created in RokkSalt that will show the performance of each card and how they performed when compared together. This gives customers the ability to fine tune and learn from the cards that performed best and make adjustments to their cards in the future to get better results each time.

How I built it

I built RokkSalt using the Laravel PHP framework and using a MySQL database to store information. I used the Infusionsoft API and the oAuth authentication method to allow users to connect to their Infusionsoft Application. I then built in email support through Sendgrid to notify users when joining as well as when broadcast emails need to be sent. I then integrated the order form and subscription billing through Stripe and their API to handle failed/successful payments that would automatically handle approving or denying access to the service.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge that I faced when building RokkSalt was handling the different situations that could arise when dealing with the recurring billing through Stripe and making sure to cover all of the bases. I wanted to make sure that everything that could happen was accounted for when dealing with taking payments online for this service.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One huge accomplishment that I am totally proud of is having my app listed in the Infusionsoft Marketplace. When I started building RokkSalt I was not sure of how the process of listing an app on the Marketplace worked and I was kinda nervous that I would not make it so I am really excited to be listed there. As far as the build for RokkSalt I am proud of all the steps it took from the planning phase, through the design and build phase, and all of the testing that went into the finished product. I have always been motivated to continue learning and growing and seeing the knowledge that was gained from this project is a very satisfying experience for me.

What I learned

I learned many different things during this journey from technical knowledge to project management and setting priorities on the project. One of the greatest tools I learned from this project is that even with a great deal of planning there are always issues and problems that come up along the way that you must think through and adapt so you can overcome that challenge. I also learned that a project you love to work on is never really finished and there are always things that can be made better and I am always going to strive to improve the software.

What's next for RokkSalt

I have several ideas in mind for where RokkSalt can go next, but I feel that the very next step for RokkSalt will be to integrate Facebook Ads with Infusionsoft and add to the value that RokkSalt brings to the table. I think that by adding other integrations it will help to improve the reach of small businesses to connect with more of their target audiences across their markets.

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