Inspiration As young adults who are just starting to earn money, we wanted to learn how to best invest it. Thus we landed on return on investments on real estate.

What it does Once inputting an address in the United States into ROIbot, it will calculate the return on investment for however many projected years one chooses using data from the houses value in the past few years.

How we built it We used an API to get the values of any property in the USA. We then used an algorithm to calculate return on investment.

Challenges we ran into We had to change a factor of the algorithm because not every property had the same number of years of values to pull from.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Creating an algorithm to calculate ROI and finding an API to get the property values.

What we learned How to use the output of the API and the mathematics of Real Estate and investments.

What's next for ROIbot Expanding beyond the United States and rendering a 3d model of an interactive globe

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