What it does

Our gitlab project simulates any satellite constellation and computes sectors' access rate:

  • 1D case by python direct simulation (now configured as 3 satellites - 1 plane system simulation)
  • 3D case by matlab toolbox usage (now configured to run a small Iridium simulation with several planes, was tested with other configurations)

Supporting slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1RwZhnlCRqC56Bh7HtcBvR3C69Mq4bH81x4xWO7DxHyA/edit#slide=id.g10337e00ca3_0_100

Challenges we ran into

Many challenges were encountered: doppler shift peculiarities, non-triviality of sectorizing problem, toolbox complexity, few problem-specific literature sources

What we learned

We learned how to use a new matlab toolbox and discovered methods of 3D approximation for ourselves, as well as refreshed our memory on physical wave-effects, orbital parameters,

What's next for Rohde & Schwarz orbit communication

Further improvements are possible in various project parts:

  • calculating relative speed of satellites and planes could be implemented for a more precise Doppler shift estimation
  • machine learning could be used for both sectorization and constellation construction
  • simulation with more objects may be done on a larger computing system
  • elevation angle improvements

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