ENGHack 2014


Coded using Python and libtcod. Requires Python 2.7.8.

Survive a horde of crazy creatures, get to level 9, and retrieve the Tool to become a true engineering graduate. Check out notable campus locations denoted by the ? signs! Based on a to-scale representation of the main campus.

How To Play

Defeat creatures, gain experience, and find powerful weapons and armour. Bosses appear after a level-up. Can you get the legendary Ridgid 60" Tool?


  • Arrow keys: movement
  • , (comma): Pick up


See myo.lua for a Myo-controlled version of the game. Ensure that the Myo is on the right arm with the face of the device pointed to the right and the power bar facing the back. Calibration:

  1. Finger spread at centre
  2. Finger spread at upper-right
  3. Finger spread at lower-left

Wave in (swipe left) to start game, finger spread to pick up, and move forearm to control movement.

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