Video games were once widely perceived as inherently anti-social. However, the World Health Organization, which has warned about the risks of too much gaming, recently launched #PlayApartTogether, partnering with major gaming studios to encourage people to stay home.

Around the globe, people's lives have been turned upside down by social distancing measures and even more stringent lockdowns put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some people are using isolation to explore new hobbies or finish up long-delayed household projects.

In the first couple of weeks of social distancing, I was pretty hungry for simple video chats, just getting together with friends, but over the past few weeks or so, I've really wanted some new ways to spend time with friends. So I build this really fun game to play with friends.

What it does

It is a top-down shooter game with an only goal for the player to survive from the dangerous bots trying to reduce your health. With entering the same channel name and encryption key two players join a game. It has multiple power gadgets that help you during your game, like using the blue balls you can regain your health while the green balls help you shoot three bullets at a time, the bots keep on respawning and you have to dodge or kill them in order to survive

How I built it

With the help of Agora plugin, I was able to embed real-time video chat into my game created using Unreal Engine 4.

Challenges I ran into

As Agora SDK for Unreal is still in beta figuring out it's working was a bit catchy

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I really enjoyed playing the game which I made with my friend, as previously my game did not use to have a video call which made it really boring for me and using Agora I got a chance to integrate video call in my games making my game more immersive and lively

What I learned

Learned about Agora SDK will use it in my future projects

What's next for Rogue Bots Lite

I will be adding a feature where players can be given an option to broadcast their gameplay directly to streaming platforms like twitch

Built With

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