With technology becoming ever more present in our day to day lives, it’s inevitable that people will run into technical difficulties. The current solutions of calling customer support and having someone visit you is both time consuming for customers and costly for companies. What if we could provide in-home support some other way?

What it does

By using augmented reality, we have created an app that guides users through a step by step process of how to fix their technical problems. By scanning a QR code, our app will both diagnose and solve their problems. Users can see a virtual version of their hardware and find directions of how to solve the issue at hand.

How we built it

Rogers Continuous is built with Unity and used Vuforia Engine to power the Augmented Reality. The server we used to run router diagnosis is hosted on a Raspberry pi 3B and used Python, Flask, and C#.

Challenges we ran into

With little to no experience in developing AR apps, it was initially challenging in understanding the feasibility of building our app. Half of the team spent the entirety of Saturday morning looking into learning ARCore, ARkit, and Vuforia with little progress. Additionally, we faced issues with connecting Unity to our Server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Totally getting the recommended amount of sleep while working on the hack. Grabbing as much food as we could for dinner. Creating a working AR application in a weekend using Unity. Totally NOT leaving everything to the last minute.

What we learned

This project gave our whole team and incredible opportunity to learn tons about creating AR/VR applications using Unity and ARCore. For many of us, this was our first time creating a mobile application, and for all of us, this was our first time creating an AR application, resulting in a huge amount of learning for everyone in our team.

What's next for Rogers Continuous

The next steps include adding onto the AR functionality by improving the visual cues to diagnose and fix various problems. In addition, we hope to integrate the AR and IOT components of our solution to be able to provide Rogers customers with an efficient and effective diagnosis and problem-solving pipeline.

Pitch Presentation

Rogers Continuous - Team Barns - Elevate Tech Jam 2019

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