Website is the company's digital home base, without which company doesn't really exist in the digital universe. This is especially true for boutique consulting companies that provide specialized high expertise services. These boutique consultancy organizations often lack competencies on developing, creating and maintaining websites. They can struggle on figuring out what to tell, how to tell it, how to make it visually pleasing and how to do it in a way that makes sense in terms of website and search engine technologies.

Roger Stusio is a platinum level HubSpot partner with high-end competencies in technology and marketing, but even we don't want to use too much time and energy on managing our website. Therefore, our own situation inspired us to build a website theme, that would be visually stunning, easily managed and versatile to match our needs. And while we were in the topic we realized that we could make it so good that other boutique consultancy companies, even without dedicated digital marketing managers, could utilize it as well.

What it does

The versatile Roger That! theme pack can be all a company needs for their website. The easiest way to do it is by replacing the colors and fonts with the ones defined in company's CVI. The template pack has 22 page templates and 27 different modules that can be filled in with information or customized to match the organizations' needs. The template versatility also allows a more skilled organization to easily modify the set and make it truly their own with their own page templates by combining the 27 custom modules in different ways.

How we built it

We believe in eating one's own dog food. Therefore, we started on thinking of how we should tell of our organization in the web, how we would showcase our expertise, how could we generate leads and how could we make it all in a way that is visually stunning, yet still easy to manage. As a HubSpot's Platinum partner we utilized the possibilities of HubSpot CMS to make the modules and templates as easy and versatile as possible, while simultaneously ensuring that they are technically solid and help the organization to stand out in the digital universe.

Challenges we ran into

Combining business, technology and design is always tough, but for us, that's our everyday job. So luckily we have a tested set of methodologies we work with to support us in our work, which we then applied to creating this website theme pack. It is quite usual that when one first starts to create something there can be a bit too optimistic views on the time and coffee consumption related to the project, which will then quickly fade away. For us, they didn't fade away so quickly... Instead, we became more and more ambitious on the project and wanted to raise the bar higher by creating a full-blown commercial product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all we're proud of the way we managed to combine visuality, ease-of-use and technical development into a solid theme. Secondly we believe, that this is quite possibly the first website theme pack that's been created in Finland. As a leading HubSpot technology partner in Finland this is one of our steps towards dominating the Nordic market as the number one business-driven HubSot technology consultancy in the Nordics.

What we learned

It's a lot of fun work! Creating something new is fun and collaborative work. We learned a lot of what is possible with HubSpot's CMS and how it can be wired into a seriously easy to use and user supportive interface to build websites.

What's next for Roger That! Website Theme & Template Pack

The first version is now published. Next step is to eat our own dog food and to develop the pack further based on the experiences. We are firm believers in collaborative methods of working and therefore we are eagerly looking for organizations that would like to use the theme and get our hands dirty on developing the theme forward based on their experiences and ideas as well!

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