Due to stay-at-home orders, at-home hobbies/small businesses increased based on do-it-yourself (DIY) artwork/crafts. Generally, DIY crafts only require materials at home and items people discard, such as plastic bottles, cans, glasses, etc. So we thought of creating a website that stands as a marketplace of DIY products upcycled from items people do not give second thoughts about supplies directly from their consumers.

What it does

Rodeo 1004 is a market platform that provides small businesses a direct supply line of recycled items from their customer base. Thus, we can remove the supply chain from large manufacturers to retail stores to small businesses and keep it direct from one party to another. With this, we can decrease some fuel/factory emissions while increasing awareness of sustainability and methods to help reduce CO2 emissions, deforestation, exploitation of natural resources, etc. Our website also connects consumers to nonprofit organizations such as Green America, World Wide Fund for Nature, Cool Effect, etc., that focus on different sustainability/environmental awareness; merchants will have the opportunity to donate all or some proceed to these nonprofit organizations.

How we built it

First, we used the W3 template to conserve time. Then we applied HTML and embedded javascript, jquery, CSS, and bootstrap-icons to create the individual components within the Rodeo 1004 website.

Challenges we ran into

Technical Challenges: Currently, the code page is messy; we would like to make separate folders and link to the final file to make the entire code neat. As a beginner programmer, there was not enough time to create a functional back end; we need more practice to create a front and back end functional/aesthetic website. Naming our project: As cheesy as it may sound, 1004 in Rodeo 1004 is (천사 (cheonsa)/ Angel) in Korean; in other words, it is Rodeo Angel, the marketplace platform where businesses upcycle "dead" bottles, cans, etc. into new creations with new purposes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an up and running recycling calculator and icons with a click function. Thinking of ideas to connect back to the topic of sustainability with current market trends.

What we learned

Member 1: Personally, as a business major, I realized that creating a website from scratch would be much more difficult as a beginner coder, especially with an aesthetically pleasing front end and an efficient back end. Member 2: I learned how to implement jquery for on-click functions such as the like heart button. I also realized why it is necessary to have folders for each website component rather than having everything under one HTML file. This was a learning process.

What's next for Rodeo 1004

Our primary goal is to create an operating back end for Rodeo 1004 and expand existing and new ideas to provide a better experience for members.

Built With

  • embedded-bootstrap-icons
  • embedded-css
  • embedded-javascript
  • embedded-jquery
  • html
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